CARDI B SERVES TASHA K in defamation lawsuit; Tasha K Gets PISSED!!!

Cardi B got her revenge against YouTube blogger and commentator Tasha K by filing a lawsuit against her and her team at Un Wine With Tasha K for defamation.

If you don’t know the history between these two, Natasha Kebe, aka Tasha K, in the last few months have released multiple videos alleging that Cardi B is an was a drug using, prostitute who used to setup men up with promises of sex to ultimately rob them.

Also, included in the lawsuit, is StarMarie who is another YouTube Vlogger who teamed up with Tasha K in videos where they would both take shots at the Grammy Award winning artist.

TMZ obtained audio of Tasha K being served by the process server’s and things got a little heated.

In the audio from their run-in, You hear the server ID himself to Tasha and a male companion. The vlogger gets upset claiming that the server was caught going through their mail and was blocking their driveway.