Lil Nas X Family Member Is Mistaken As His Boyfriend By The Media

Lil Nas X Has Come Out, But Can We Not Rush Him Into A Relationship So Quick?

Recently, The Hollywood Fix hit YouTube with a video of Lil Nas X enjoying a Subway meal with another male companion out in LA. The two were looking into their phones, respectively until one of them spotted someone filming them and they both decided to split. The headline of the video read “Lil Nas X Takes His Boyfriend On A Dinner Date At Subway To Celebrate 17 Weeks At #1 On Billboard”.

Well, Mic Hustlin Online decided to get on the scoop and see who this mystery dude was. After doing some extensive digging of our own, we have found out two things. 1. This is not Lil Nas X’s Boyfriend, and 2. This is more like his brother or cousin but we don’t know which one yet.

Below, you can find the two in what look like a family picture from a few years ago where both seem to embrace what looks like another family member standing in between the middle of them.

We can almost assure you that this is not a new beau for Lil Nas X as much as some of us may hope to see that in the future. Just wait a little longer. At least until after Old Town Road dies down.