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BOOSIE BADAZZ Kicks FANS From IG LIVE CHAT After Selling Only 300 COPIES...

Clearly, things haven't been going will for #BoosieBadazz as of late. The #BatonRouge rapper, known as a hip-hop legend, only sold #300 copies of his latest album "Badazz 3.5". 

The rapper hopped on #Instagram to share his frustration about the album sales with his fans. "Right now, shit real. I see you ain't buy the album, so can you please get the fuck off...", Boosie Badazz told one of his fans on the live stream as he proceeded to ask people to leave that didn't buy his album. 

"I'ma make you laugh your ass off tomorrow, but right now, can you get the fuck off please," he continued. He went on to say, "So, that's all I'm asking. Everybody that like to see me cut up, but don't support my music or don't support none of the business ventures that I've got, could you just leave off of my live for today?..."
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