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Drake Sends Shots At UK Artist Wiley About Saying His Is A Culture Vulture; Wiley Responds

Recently, while on a press run in the UK, Drake visited BBC 1Xtra's Tiffany Calver radio show and decided to speak on the allegations that he is a culture vulture sparked up in the region from UK artist Wiley.

The OVO frontman responded by saying "it is what it is. I see it a lot. I’ll never understand how supporting somebody’s song or even going a step further, giving somebody a song or linking up, I’ll never understand how that is not viewed as something admirable. But, I guess some people have their own outlook on it.”

Drake then specifically called out Wiley.

“It was Wiley that said that,” he outlined. “I’ll just say his name ’cause that was some goofy shit. But, yeah, I just didn’t like that. Like, what you talking ’bout?”

After hearing that he was called out by Drake on the show, Wiley took to Instagram and wanted ALL THE SMOKE. Wiley mocked Drake's interview and then went on to do a cadence of "Look At Me" by the late #XXXTentacion saying "you know bro."

Wiley ended his response by saying "You know the good thing about this. I don't care who your manager is. I don't care who your lawyer is. I don't who your protection is. I don't care. That's the best thing about all of this bruv."

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