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T.I. Drops 10K At Nipsey Hussle's Marathon Clothing Store In La

While in Los Angeles for the funeral of rapper and community activist #nipseyhussle , #TI paid a visit to the slain rappers flagship #TheMarathonClothing Store. While there, he blew a bag on apparel and other products. A #10K bag to be exact.

"Anybody who wanna support lil bro. Anybody who wanna support the cause...go online (and) buy your original Crewshaw Marathon Clothing." said the Dime Trap rapper as he looked around the store for more to buy. He then shows about 25 - 30 bags of products to the viewers. "I came to make me a little pickup."

At one point, you can hear one of the employees at the store tell T.I., that he "brought the whole store" in which case, T.I. responds back saying that it's a lot more to buy encouraging the viewer to go online and get something.

After his purchase, Tip then proceeds outside where he is greeted by many fans and media giving him props for his acknowledgment of Nipsey Hussle and The Marathon Clothing Store.
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